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Being a stay at home mum

Who is a stay at home mum? Who is a working mum? Two camps but both as hard as each other.

I had a really good career before I had my son. I kept my options open about returning to work as I knew my whole life would be turned upside down when he arrived and didn't know how I would feel about working. Saying that though, I didn't think I would never return to my career, I enjoyed my working life too much.

Staying at home with 2 babies

True to my prediction, I loved the bubble of being a mum. 10 months later, I was a stay at home. Although not really by choice, more by the situation, here I was with a 9-month-old and I was 3 months pregnant. Yes, I was one of those ones who didn't use contraception believing breastfeeding would cover it. I know, I know....can see you all rolling your eyes now. I'm very glad I didn't though.

 Going back to work as a senior buyer with 2 children under 2 just wasn't an option...mentally or financially. I am sure you all know the story of the beginnings of Baba+Boo by now, but I started it when the children were really young. It was obvious then, that being a stay at home mum was never going to be enough for me. I needed to be me and I needed to use my brain. I also didn't want to be reaching the age of them being at school full-time and me having redundant skills and unemployable. So I made my own job.

Working at home

The work-at-home mum (or WAHM as it has been shortened to)  part of my life is without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever done. Constantly feeling guilty was terrible because I was answering emails and calls when they wanted my attention. On the flip side, I felt good because I was providing a job for myself that would be so good for them in the long run.

Now I am a working mum too. Don't think I ever not be a work-at-home mum. Being the boss means you can never switch off but it does have the benefit of me being able to do the school run and swap and change things so I can be there if they are poorly.


None of it is easier and like everything to do with motherhood and parenthood, it's hard sometimes.

This infographic about the misconceptions of stay-at-home mums is what triggered this post and thought I would share. Take a look at the salary...if only!! This is definitely what I would choose if the salary came with it.

Are you a stay at home mum? Would love to know what you think of this.


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