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Becoming a parent in the middle of a pandemic

After 11 years helping Eve with Baba+Boo, it’s easy to forget what it feels like to be new to both parenting and also going against the current grain and choosing to reuse.  However, I am known for having the memory of an elephant which is why I thing that I am well placed to help our parents new to cloth as I’m really quite good at transporting myself back in time.

When I first shared my pregnancy news with Eve, I just remember there being joy, when you share this news with friends that already have children, it feels a bit like you’re being welcomed into the fold, because soon, you’ll know! 

After the initial excitement of our news, as my belly began to grow and I started to hit the shops for all the necessary things we all need, Eve and I had many discussions about what the future could hold.  It was such an unknown to me, I was convinced I would have my baby and be back to work as soon as was practicably possible. I absolutely loved my job in financial services and felt at the time like it defined me.  I was so unaware of the change that was upon me.

So when Charlotte arrived, Eve had already started up Baba+Boo a few months prior and asked me if I thought it likely that I’d be using reusables.  “HA! No chance” was about the grand sum of my reply.  Ever encouraging, non judgy, Eve, gave me just 2 of her older nappies and just said have these, give them a go and see what you think, if you need any help with them, just bob over and I’ll help you.

As I’m writing this, I am very much aware that this is something that simply isn’t available to so many new parents at the moment.  As much as you might long to ‘bob over’ to see your friend and draw on their experience as a parent, you’re not allowed to and it’s closed so many doors of opportunity.  This is partly my reason for writing this blog.

Being a new parent for me is foggy at best, I was overwhelmed and overtired at the same time as being overjoyed!  However, I can empathise that not being able to share experiences and draw on those of your peers can make for a lonely and uncertain time.

Starting off with cloth is a journey that I probably wouldn’t have taken if it hadn’t been for outside influences and so we salute those of you that are taking the bull by the horns and going for it, you are awesome, you’re inspirational and we want you to know that whilst you can’t go and see your friends and bounce these ideas off them at the moment, our community has very broad yet very soft shoulders for you to lean on.

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