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Reusable nappies to the rescue

A switch to reusables can come at the most unexpected of times. On the school run, it was the convenience of a reusable nappy that saved the day (and a baby's sore bum).

Last week I was on my way out to walk my dog before school pick up, I met another school mum, Caroline, at the end of my road.  She was in a bit of a panic and the words ‘headless chicken’ sprung to mind.

I asked if she was OK the answer was a resounding ‘no’.  Her 2 year old had pooped and she had no spare nappies with her, she had asked some other parents but nobody was able to help.  To top it off, her little one was teething and sore and it would be another half an hour before she would be back at home to be able to change the nappy.

I was delighted to be able to help her and her little one out.  When we got to my house, I got three nappies out and let her choose which one she would like, she pointed to Dandelions and said ‘blow’. It was a clear favourite.

Caroline cleaned her up and I showed her how to put the nappy on, as soon as it was on, her little girl put her hands straight down to her new nappy and had a feel of it ‘ooh soft’ she said. It must have felt like silk against her sore skin.

This beautiful little girl now keeps asking her mama for ‘blow nappy’ – it must feel like such a treat.

That’s how I got into reusable nappies to be fair, Eve loaned me two of her nappies for me to give a whirl and I didn’t take much convincing before I made the switch to being in reusables full time.  Sometimes, it’s all a person needs to see how simple reusables really are.  So whenever we are asked how many reusable nappies do I need to get started with cloth, the answer is always ….one.

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