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Baba+Boo at 10 - our prints through time

Can you believe we have had over 100 prints in our back catalogue?

We would love you to help to find our most popular prints from the past ten years. We've compiled a video of all our prints - there are over a hundred! Have a watch and then share in the comments what you favourite is. If you can choose just one that is...


  • Daisy chain is just beautiful! 🌼

  • Id love to own a ‘fox and friends’! Our favourite print that we already own is koalas.

  • Of the ones I have, I love love love constellations. So many lovely prints across all 100, I think my favourite would be strawberries but there’s some serious close contenders in tiger and elephants

  • I so wish Puffins was still available, it’s my DISO as Puffins are our favourite animal! But we can’t find it anywhere, not even one with bad PUL which we could perfectly use as swim nappy (or just for on the shelf)

  • So hard to choose! I love nature detectives, rainy days and constellations. But I’d never seen under the sea before and that is beautiful too ❤️

    Sarah Cameron

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