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Autumn I love you.

I just love Autumn, it’s easily my favourite season. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Unlike summer which is just always, well, not what it should be.

I love the crisp mornings, the colours of the trees , the crunch of the leaves and it signifies the run up to Christmas. It’s even better now I have the guys to go for autumn walks and pile up leaves for them (and the grown ups) to kick and jump in. This weekend we are going hunting for signs of autumn on a woodland walk and going to search for acorns and the like. I think I might be more excited than them.

One of my favourite ever Bubbaloo photo shoots was our autumn shoot when Boo was only 15 months old. I love these shots of her, she loved it, as you can probably tell.

We are not embracing Halloween this year at home because my little lady has developed a little aversion to witches (after watching Snow White, damn you Disney!) She isn’t so scared of the dark anymore and we are getting a bit more sleep during the night, so I am not going to stir all that up with talk and images of ghosts and ghouls. I usually love Halloween, as you can probably tell from our little collection of Halloween items, so a bit gutted that I’m not getting our decorations out but we are definitely carving the pumpkins we started growing in September.

Our half term will be all about celebrating autumn and doing autumn crafts. Check out our Pinterest  boards where we will be pinning lots of things to do with your little ones this autumn.

What do you love about Autumn?

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