A love letter to your baby's bum

A love letter to your baby's bum

Every one of our reusable nappies has a story behind it, a little moment that inspired a print or even a whole collection. My little boy inspired one of my favourites.

I became a mama on Valentine's Day. Until this moment I had always thought of the 14th as largely commercial, but the birth of my son changed that forever, releasing a love that felt like it might burst out of my chest.

I wanted a reusable nappy print to celebrate this momentous day, but not just hearts. Then when I was packing orders and sending them onto their new little bums, the inspiration came. I realised that nappies are love letters to your baby, and the Love Letters print was born. 

To your baby's bum reusable nappies show the ultimate care - soft, chemical-free, and for so many mums they've spelt the end of nappy rash too. 

And most importantly, for your baby's future, by choosing to reuse you are consuming less and making the planet a little happier for the next generation. 

So when you wrap your nappies around your little one, remember it is a love letter: from you to them, and from you to their future.


The Love Letters print is available in Newborn size (nappy size 1-2) and One Size (nappy size 3 - 6). We've also created a gorgeous gift set with the Love Letters Reusable Nappy, Medium Wet Bag and Keyring, with a £10 saving on buying all those items separately.

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