The Kindest Corner of the Internet

The Kindest Corner of the Internet

It takes a village to raise a business owner, and the Baba+Boo community raised me. I'd like to say thank you.

Dear Baba+Boo Community,

Last week one of our Facebook Hangout mums, Louisa, posted a message that her cloth journey was ending and how sad she was as the group had connected her to likeminded mums and offered support. Of course we asked her to stay in the Hangout as she'll forever be welcome, and it got me thinking about you, our community, and how much you mean to me.

Baba+Boo was born when my children were 18 months and 9 weeks old. I'd been made redundant during maternity leave, my brain needed a distraction from babies and having always worked I was looking around for something, anything. My love of reusable nappies seemed the perfect avenue to explore. I've always said that they are more than just the nappies, inspiring gentle lifestyle changes and creating friendships for starters, and I wondered if there were others out there who I could share this secret with.

The response blew me away. The community that has grown up around the business has kept me going through the good and the bad, and taught me so much from parenting tips to eco swaps. Online it's a Facebook group of like-minded parents who are gentle and who never judge, and I'll never forget one mum telling me that it is the kindest corner of the internet. And you can never have too much kindness.

I never take it for granted that you trust our nappies enough to wrap them around your little one's precious bums, and that you go on to recommend us to your friends and family. You have helped me to design prints and even products: you are the co-creators of Baba+Boo. 

So many friendships have been born out of Baba+Boo and never was the online community support more necessary than during Lockdown - we stayed connected as we stayed home. Our Hope Collection was inspired by this time and if you haven't watched our video, grab a tissue and dive in. 

There is an African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. These villages are now in online communities like ours and I am grateful to be part of this one. 

That proverb doesn't just to relate to parenting. It takes a village to raise a business owner, and the Baba+Boo community raised me.

With love,
Eve x

ps. If you're a reusable nappy user and would like to join the Facebook Hangout, we'd love to welcome you to our friendly little corner of the internet. 


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