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A lockdown message to our team...and you

This week, the announcement of school closing rocked us again. It was inevitable in some ways but still took us right back to those feelings when it happened in March. 

My first thoughts are for our team and how we keep the wheels on, whilst making sure they are all ok. We all suffered last time with juggling everything and I was not going to let that happen again. So this time, we are keeping the wheels on but not try keep the bus running at 100mph!

I sent this message out on our Baba+Boo HQ WhatsApp group and it's a message they said I should share because it is a good check in for everyone. It's so easy to be overwhelmed every day. It is a constant battle but if this is teaching us anything, it is that we need to be accepting of things out of our control and when we control how we react to situations, we can feel so much better.

I hope there are some things on here that help you maintain some balance.

Take care

Eve x

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