5 ways to prolong the life of your nappies

Cloth nappies are simple to use and simple to wash. We send out washing instructions with each purchase for you to keep and refer to. They don't need treating with kid gloves but here a few pointers about how to keep them in a great condition.

1. Keep it simple and just stick to a half measure of normal washing powder in your wash with nothing else added. We don't advise which washing powder. Use whatever suits your baby. Don't change especially for cloth nappies because it could cause a reaction and you might think it is the cloth nappies when it is just the change in washing powder.An eco-egg or soapnuts are also fabulous for washing nappies.

2. Don’t expose your nappies to direct heat, this can damage PUL and also natural fibres such as the bamboo inserts. Where possible, air dry near a radiator in winter and outside in summer. Heat can also reduce the life of your elastics so never stuff nappies whilst they are still warm or you may find your pockets get saggy!


3. Nappies will always last you longer if you line dry them naturally. The sun is a well known and very powerful stain remover and also the most powerful antibacterial you will find (and it’s free!) Rain is also a great way to give your nappies a strip wash and a good clean.

4. The traditional nappy rash creams are a no-no where cloth nappies are concerned as they can coat your nappies making them repel liquid.  If you do need to use cream, use a liner as this will protect your nappies. Breast milk is one of the greatest healers for nappy rash.

5. If you want to make sure your nappies last through to not just potty training but onto more children then we would recommend using a liner. There are plenty available, both reusable and disposable.  These will help to keep your nappies stain free and pristine ready for the next baba to grace them.

If you have any tips, please share below. You always have great tips when it comes to cloth nappies.

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