5 Things You Need To Know Before Potty Training

Potty training is a time mums dread. Here's how to avoid hitting the gin before midday when the time comes...

1. The Right Time

There are signs that tell you your 'baby' is ready to lose the nappies. The main one being them telling you when they have pooped in their nappy and not liking being in said dirty nappy. This is the most important thing that you need to do. Wait until your child is ready. Not when it suits you. They have a way of knowing this. Waiting for a certain time because you are off work for example. This does not make it the right time. It will be quicker and smoother when they do it in their time. They have a window. Jump all the way through it when it comes. Chances are it will be all done and dusted quicker and with much more of your patience intact.

2. Stalking

You will become your child's stalker. Whilst following them about on a high state of alert, you will also say 'Do you need a wee?' on repeat. It will get on their nerves as much as yours. They will not wee for your convenience. They will need a wee when you have left soft play, got them into their car seat and you are just taking off the handbrake.

3. Naked

Allowing your child to be nappy free is liberating for them. Less so for you. It really helps them to not rely on their nappy. You may find yourself following them around with a waterproof mat.

4. Bribes

If you have a child that can be bribed, then bribes work. A piggy bank in the bathroom or a sticker chart work a treat. If your child cannot be bribed, then maybe revert to gin. Just make it fun. Fun helps. This is what inspired our potty training pants (currently being redesigned). Mums tell us they have saved a little bit of their sanity.

5. Going backwards

If your little one seems to be regressing, don't worry. It's normal. If it is stressful for you both, it is not going to work well. Don't worry about putting a nappy back on. This is one instance when perseverance doesn't pay off. Just wait for another day when they are showing signs of being ready again.

Do you have any potty training tips you can share? We'd love to hear your stories.

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