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5 Questions You Might Ask Yourself Before Using Cloth Nappies

Not surprisingly really, you don’t see any TV adverts for cloth nappies and the healthcare professionals that you see rarely have knowledge of them either.  We have become a throw away society and it starts from the moment we’re born.

So, what do you need to know before you venture into the world of cloth – see our 5 things to ask before you buy your cloth nappies…


You need to consider whether you’ll be happy pressing the go button on the washing machine a couple more times a week.


Listen very carefully to your question, there is a big difference to how many you need and how many you want.  There are two distinct camps when it comes to cloth nappies and how many you get.  Some of us buy what we need and some of us buy them all… ooh, is that a penguin one…I NEED that for my collection note:  nappies become YOURS, not your baby’s


They are without doubt, cheaper than buying disposables as long as you get what you need (see 2).  Watch out for the words “my nappy stash” creeping into your vocabulary and if you find yourself taking photo’s of your stash to upload to facebook groups – you know, the ones where you converse with people you’ve never met before more than you do your own family – you know you’ve crossed the line.

1. Am I too posh to wash- (2)

Never forget that cloth nappies were the only thing available to put babies in prior to disposable nappies becoming popular in the 70’s so take a look at your mum, dad, uncle, aunty, gran and granddad etc do they walk OK? Check – your baby will be able to as well


Nope. Simple. We'll hold your hand all the way through with videos and guides. But the simple answer is no.

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