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2020: The Year Of Kindness

2020 has been a year like no other, it’s been tough and it’s been emotional, but it’s also been a year filled with kindness and compassion. We’ve seen communities coming together, clap for carers and people doing incredible things to support the NHS. 2020 has been full of selfless acts from people all over the world.


We’ve also felt kindness here at Baba+Boo. Our cloth-bum community has kept us going, kept us motivated and kept us constantly blown away by the selflessness shown by others. It’s this community which has given us strength, so we wanted to share some of the amazing things we’ve witnessed this year. We know there have been hundreds of acts of kindness this year, here are a few of the kindness highlights as an ode to our brilliant community;

So I'll start off with Leona Doyle - she has a way with words and has shown such huge gratitude for the seemingly small things we have done to help her. 

Then the lovely Lisa Himmen needed 2 nappies replacing, but went into lockdown in the German town she lives, so she requested we send them to ‘someone who needs them more than I do’. 

Carolyn Demeger has been just lovely all year - she firstly sent us a note of encouragement early on in lockdown and sent us some lovely biscuits the other day!

Recently we saw Frith sending a much sought after Retro Arcade nappy to Katie White

The community rallied around Laura Deans whose little one is currently undergoing chemotherapy - everybody has been so kind to her it was incredible to see. 

Bhavisha wrote to us to let us know her friend Rhia was a super-fan and wanted to lift her spirits - we sent books to them both! 

Roisin Eager and Laurie McGregor have been involved in reciprocal acts of kindness.  We have seen another level of kindness this year!  

A huge thank you needs to go to the people who sent in nappies to complete our nappy library - this meant the world to us.  A special mention to Bethany Dixon for those gorgeous chocs you sent to us!

The support and love in our community is amazing, and we want to thank all of you for creating such a safe and encouraging space.  A special shout out to Christabel, Amy, Pippa, Teresa, Abigail and Laura for giving their time to help support everyone in our hangout. 

A special nod goes to our retail stockists who have been so kind and patient. Launching two collections in the pandemic wasn’t easy, but you guys have been so great. Thanks for everything and also for your continued support. 

All the wonderful parents who helped with the launches and spreading the love of our nappies on social media. Your support is beyond measure.

Then there are all the donations sent during the pandemic, not just of Brave nappies, but of parents coming together to support each other too. We have to mention Cecelia Leslie, Tamryn Miller and Nicola Hare who have helped co-ordinate these donations and make sure we help those who need it most. 

We had Nicola and Innes who made Eve a special Brave keyring to mark the donations to NHS staff, another incredibly kind gesture and one which truly made our day.

Thank you to the nappy libraries who have worked so hard to adapt their services to the ever-changing needs of this year - you guys have been amazing.  

We have to mention Eve and Paul. The absolute rocks. They’ve worked tirelessly this year to pack the orders, keep the business going and launch two collections, all while juggling homeschooling and a skeleton warehouse team. Thank you from all of the team for your incredible patience, understanding and flexibility. 

A huge thank you to Eve’s parents who have stepped in as parents for the whole team, they’ve blown us away with their kindness. They knew when we needed them, and we can’t thank them enough for being there, and for all that they do. 

Not forgetting each and every one of the team who have worked so hard at home and at the office to support each other through this tough year. We've cried but we have also laughed. 

This year has been so full of kindness that we could honestly go on forever with this blog (but it’s making us emotional!). So whilst 2020 has been tough, it’s also been kind, and we want to thank every single person who has shown kindness and compassion and helped make this year a little less rough. 

So, from the bottom of our full hearts, thank you from all of us here at Baba+Boo. 


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