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    "They connect me to the mothers before me and help shape the future for my baby girl."

    Ilona, Leigh

    "It makes nappy changes something to look forward to. And makes me feel I am playing a small part in keeping the planet healthy for my girls."

    Naomi, Leighton Buzzard

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    Find out how reusable nappies will fit into your life.
    Meet three parents who share all.


    Sarah, Freya and Hallie

    Freya is 11 months old and Hallie is three years old. Freya is in reusables full-time and Hallie overnight.

    I started with reusables because I wanted to share my experience with others, but was quickly using them full-time.

    I was initially slightly overwhelmed, but five nappies in I was hooked.

    Sarah, Freya and Hallie's tried and tested nappy kit

    • 20 Reusable Nappies (four daily with 11mo, one overnight with three year old) • 24 Reusable Wipes • 2 Nappy Bins (one wee, one poo) • 2 Laundry Bags

    Follow their journey @mum.buns


    Lucy, Nathaniel and Tahlia

    We use reusable nappies at home and disposables when out and overnight. We dump dirty ones in a nappy bucket and do a wash every couple of days.

    Nathaniel, 2 years old: We use 4 to 6 reusable nappies per day and mix charcoal and hemp boosters as they're super absorbent.

    Tahlia, 5 months: We use 5 to 6 reusable Nappy Mini per day with Bamboo Boosters that provide the perfect level of absorbency for her age.

    Lucy's tried and tested nappy kit

    • 12 Reusable Nappies (four daily) and 12 Reusable Nappy Mini (four daily) • Disposable Liners • disposable wipes • disposable nappies when out • Nappy Bin

    Follow their journey @ourbiggayjourney


    Tanya, Carmela and Isla

    Having twins, our overflowing bins were a big reason for switching to reusables.

    I have a couple of ‘Baba+Boo days’ a week where I use reusables throughout the day, and single use at night. On other days, I mix and match. 

    Baba+Boo nappies feel soft on their skin, are easy to clean, and we have very happy babies and mama as a result!

    Tanya, Carmela and Isla's tried and tested nappy kit

    • 16 Reusable Newborn Nappy Mini • disposable nappies • Nappy Bin

    Follow their journey @mamabeartwins

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