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You'll love our cloth nappies...

Baba+Boo reusable cloth nappies are bang on trend and better for babies bums. They are not hard to use. Scouts honour. Stop spending your hard-earned cash on rubbish and choose some beautiful soft cloth nappies for your baby instead.

Comfortable, Affordable & Envrionmentally Friendly Nappies

With all of our products, we want to ensure that they are as comfortable for your baby as possible. Cloth nappies are much softer than regular disposable nappies that can cause skin irritations. Why put your infant through the pain of itchy skin when they could play to their heart's content in our soft and delicate nappy range?

It certainly won't just be your child that our reusable nappies will help to take care of though; they will also reduce your impact on the environment. Other nappies can take up to 500 years to decompose and every parent is expected to go through at least 4000 nappies as their baby grows up. Our product, however, is reusable. Just give the nappies a quick wash every three days or so and they are in perfect condition to use again.

There is another huge advantage to the fact that our cloth nappies are reusable though; mums or dads no longer have to purchase a pack of nappies only to throw them away and buy another one. Therefore, unlike traditional nappies, our wonderful range of cloth products can be worn time and again to save you a whole lot of money in the long term. We estimate that you could save over £1000 by doing so - enough to save up for that dream holiday you have always wanted!

We know it is not just the parents who care about nappies; it is your little ones too. What baby would want to scoot around in a plain old boring nappy when they could be sporting a funky outfit like our ones? The products we have available for purchase above include everything from a super cool pirate theme for little swashbucklers to an adorably chic leopard print nappy for budding fashionistas. You can also accessories many of our products with cute leather baby shoes and bandana bibs. If you are thinking of taking a trip to the beach or swimming pool, we have a great range of reusable swimming nappies, that are a convenient, eco friendly way to get you toddler splashing about.

Don't just take it from us. Scroll down and take a look at some of the lovely comments we have received from mums and dads just like you who are delighted with our line of reusable cloth nappies.
Reviews & Testimonials

I was so impressed with your service. The nappies arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered them. Very impressive! I love your nappies, I got 4 and a half hours out of them straight away! Fantastic!

Nicki, Brierley Hill
5 Stars

I love Baba+Boo nappies! I received a trial one during Real Nappy Week in 2012 and I was hooked! That nappy was used on my second baby and is now on the tushie of baby number three born in January 2014. The campervan nappy was a complete indulgence and it brightens our day whenever we get it out and put it on.

Jo, Filey
5 Stars

Lovely fit and feel. Absorbant liners . Wash really well good prices.

Bridie, Manchester
4 Stars

I really love all the nappies from you, the prints and also they work really well. I never had an accident with them. I recommend you to many of my friends, and they love your nappies as well. My only criticism would be , that the old prints' (well, I bought them about a year ago-moo power and blue bubbles) inside get a bit grey and piled after a few wash. But with the new ones , this never happened, so that is a great improvement.

I don't have shirts or shoes from you as I find them a bit expensive. But they are great as well. Thanks for always being helpful!

Beata, Haslemere
5 Stars

The nappy is great but doesn't seem to be the right fit for my little man as it always wicks around the legs.

Hope this helps you although its not great feedback.


Service was fantastic though and we received the order very fast.

Sarah, County Cork
4 Stars

Baba & Boo are the only nappies we use, so far they've lasted us from 7wks old to 2yrs with plenty of life (and room to grow!) left in them.


Nicole, Derbyshire
5 Stars

Really helpful contact and personalised follow up. Great product - great value.



5 Stars

My rating is for how they look and feel as I have bought them in advance! My baby boy is not due till 26th April, so can't wait to try them out then! Service was quick and efficient, thanks so much. 

Fiona, Fort William
5 Stars

As with all Baba+Boo prints (we have a few!), this looks fabulous on! We use a Baba+Boo bamboo booster alongside  one of the microfibre inserts and this gives a great balance of fit and absorbency. I've given 4 out of 5 because it didn't fit him until a few pounds into the weight range and we had a couple of leaks at first as a result - it is on the larger side of our birth to potty nappies. However, the generous fit means that it should last us until potty training.

Chloe, Manchester
4 Stars

Lovely, well-made product and very pretty. Yet to try out as little one has not arrived yet!

4 Stars

Love these nappies, they wash well, all stains come out easily in the washing machine and the pads and wrap dry really quickly. They fit my little girl very well as its easy to adjust the size using the poppers to fit and they are not too bulky. Would defo recommend these nappies!


Rachel, Northumberland
5 Stars

I love baba+boo nappies because they have a nice large pocket to fit any inserts you want in, but their microfibre inserts are also great. When I want a nappy I know is going to last a few hours to the next change I use a baba+boo. They wash really nicely as well, and I’ve barely needed to strip them in the 7 months I’ve been using them. Top marks! <3

Helen, Nottingham
5 Stars

I found the pocket nappy very soft. It is lovely against my babies skin. It is very durable having been washed and worn so many times. The inserts are fab and go in any nappy. These nappies are fab as they can be used for any age and will come in handy for my next child. Definitely worth having a few in your stash. You won't be sorry x

Bethan, Merthyr Tydfil
5 Stars

Love my baba and boo nappies! Great company and great product. Would recommend them to anyone!

Grianne, Ireland
5 Stars

I have loved my baba+boo nappies, they are my go to nappy, totally reliable. If I'm in a situation where I know I need to have no leakage I always pack my baba+boo.

The selection of prints are fab and still look great after nearly a year of wear. I'm  only sorry I didn't discover them when buying my first nappies as would have liked to have more! The t-shirts are so soft and wash fabulously and came in such beautiful wrapping it really felt like a gift to myself!

But the best thing about baba+boo has to be the reasonable prices. The quality for the price really is superb. Keep up the good work xx

Caroline, London
5 Stars

The nappy is excellent thank you. I have 3 now and I love the prints, the fit and the absorbency of them. They dry really quickly and are great value for money. I have 2 older sons (13 & 11) who love to choose which nappy my daughter puts on at change time and they nearly always choose a Baba and Boo. This can only be a good thing as I can imagine when she is older she will like to choose her nappies too! 

I think your service is fantastic and I love your Facebook page too, you have some great ideas!

Love the prints
4 Stars

Just wanted to say thank you ever so for the nappy and bag both are beautifully made and am very pleased. Can't wait for my next nappy wash so I can put it on Teddy's bum. Thanks again.

Catherine, Stourbridge
5 Stars

Just to say that I received my order today and do indeed love them. Great service- I'll be recommending you to friends. T

Neve, Kent
5 Stars

Started with the nappies 2day & must say I am very impressed! Lovely fit,comfortable & so easy to use :) Would definately recommend these 2 friends etc! Well done & keep them coming :)

Michelle, Northamptonshire
5 Stars

Once again thanks for allowing me to test your new nappies. Both my husband and I tried it and this is what we thought. The double row of poppers have made the fit around the thighs snugger preventing leaks from the side. It also makes the design neater and sleeker when on i.e. the fleece underside didn't show (the original nappies sometimes did). The extra crossover popper on the tabs would appeal to those with younger/smaller babies therefore making it more appealing to a wider audience. I like the idea of the poppers on the inserts, although I didn't need to use them, I can tell it will make stuffing the nappy easier and quicker. My only gripe is that the poppers may dig a little if facing upwards towards the baby's bottom but common sense would tell you to have them facing away from the baby. The elastic at the back of the nappy allows more stretch which makes it more comfortable for the baby as they move around and it also made putting the nappy on easier as we were able to pull the tabs across easily. The full size booster inserts means the nappy can be worn for longer which is great, I managed 3.5hrs with just 1. I did, however, also like the original smaller size as it would fit flush behind a folded larger insert. All in all, it is a very good pocket nappy, it was so easy and simple to use, and they are very affordable - I will definitely be buying more once they become available. The originals were our go to nappy and now they have been improved further. Fantastic!

Lauren, London
5 Stars

Just to let you know we are getting on much better with the nappies. I'm using both inserts and so far we only had 1 leak and that was because Martha fell asleep n I didn't want to disturb her so she didn't get changes for 3 hours. She gets about 2 - 2 1/2 hrs wear out of them.I'm also trying out the soap nuts as I love the idea of all natural detergent for her clothes and nappies.as long as I rinse any heavy soiling straight away then they do the job well. Overall I am a much happier mummy lol. Thanks again for your thorough advice and help.I will be joining your facebook page. Also if you ever get any mums with problems like mine I would more than happily offer my help. Hope more mums buy these nappies

Kayleigh, Hereford
4 Stars

I received my nappies this morning, they are beautiful and wash and dry wonderfully, thank-you for my lovely nappies I will be using your shop again in the future.

Jane, Carlisle
5 Stars

The nappies are faultless on style and looks, other Mums are always commenting on them and I think they are super cute. The poppers are strong and hold well, I have another brand I use (naughty baby I think) and the poppers (down the front) come undone every time I pull the pads out ready for washing... very annoying! The price we paid was excellent, very fair and it was the only way I could afford to use cloth nappies. The only minor fault with the nappies that I can find is that my daughter often seems to be in between popper settings (length and width) whereas the other ones I use have Velcro across the tummy so are more adaptable in that way... However the poppers are good at stopping Baby getting her own nappy off! So it is all swings and roundabouts I guess. Your website looks great; nice, bright, colourful and easy to navigate. :-)

Rachel, Swindon
5 Stars

I'd always admired pocket nappies but was put off by the sheer cost of them (usually £20+ each for the best) and a belief that they couldn't possibly perform as well as the better quality disposables. That was until I was given a Baba+Boo nappy when my baby girl was born.. and I've never looked back. Once her legs were chubby enough for her to fit into it properly, we tried it out, were hooked, bought more and to this day (three months later) I have had no leaks, no wicking, and everything, yes, everything, (my little girl is breastfed and not yet weaned) has been kept contained inside. With the booster insert she can stay in one nappy for over six hours if necessary and still not be uncomfortable. She's never had a nappy rash or sore patches from leg or waistband friction. They're so easy to wash (I just sling them in with my everyday load, no need for soaking), they dry in no time at all, and they stay soft and lovely despite heavy use. The fabric is fantastic, bright, merry and eye-catching.. and all at a price I can afford on a tight budget. Eve provides an impeccable and friendly service and I can't recommend her or her products more highly.

Rosie, Sheffield
5 Stars

I'm a big fan of your nappies! Can't praise them enough. I've bought cheap ones off ebay before and they've not been very good but yours are excellent for such an affordable price. Its nice to be able to get nice looking, soft nappies without them costing £20+ each! And I've been super impressed with how quickly you deliver everything!!

Caroline, Plymouth
5 Stars