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Baba+Boo Reusable Nappies

Baba + Boo is the name of our georgeous boutique that specialises in fashionable reusable nappies. Our nappies are made up of a waterproof outer layer, with 2 microfiber inserts. Our reusable cloth nappies are 100% environmentally friendly and are free of any chemicals, that can cause skin irritations.

How Do Our Nappies Work?

All of our nappies are the same style - pocket nappies. Each nappy has a pocket at the back, where you stuff the seperate absorbent microfibre inserts, which keep your baby dry.

At the moment pocket nappies are amongst the most popular type of cloth nappy because they are quick drying and easy to use. There is no need for an additional wrap with our nappies. The outer is completely waterproof.

The great thing about our nappies is that they can be adjusted as your baby grows. Our popper system, easily allows you to adjust the size of the nappy when needed.

If you are looking to use them full time, you will need to purchase around 15-20 nappies. This means that you only need to wash them every three days or so. If you are only just starting with cloth nappies, you may want to just order a few, till you get the hang of them.

Washing Our Nappies

We suggest buying a nappy bucket for the used items. They come with closeable lids that keep the smells at bay. Then once you have a secific amount in the bin, you can then put them all in to wash. Once they have dried, they are then fine to use on your baby again.